Thursday, July 19, 2012

Tool #9

Any lesson has to be tied to the objective. Technology does not change that - it is another tool to reach the objective. And if students are not held accountable for their work, we have no way of assessing their abilities and level of understanding. In my virtual Geometry class, there are several assignments which instruct students to practice on a website on their own, then take a screenshot of how far they got in the game or of the final product created and send it to the instructor,

When I searched the district database, there were only 4 iPad apps listed for high school math and one of them was a note taking app. It seems to be this way with most technology that we are encouraged to use. There are numerous ideas for elementary but the higher levels, especially math, are limited. It takes a lot of time, work and research to come up with good ways to use "stations" in high school math.

I will use the Educreations app on the iPad as a portable white board when I visit SBISD students on their home campuses and I will use the DropBox app to bring along documents.

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