Monday, July 16, 2012

Tool #6

I already use GoogleDocs in my virtual classes. This is one example:

Here is a link to a blank Google Docs Data sheet.  Save file with all of the team member names in the title.
Students should update daily.
Summary Project:
Include graphs showing daily movement of stock prices. Make sure the graphs are easy to read with all labels included.If your stocks are moving up and down, investigate why this is happening. Provide links to articles that will explain the movement of your stock prices. Some days it may be because of the overall market. Some days it will be because of specific issues with your company.Write a short paragraph about each article. Do not copy and paste. Rephrase important information from the article.Make sure the presentation is easy to follow.
I watched the tutorial on Todays Meet. I think I could use this in my virtual class. We usually schedule synchronous discussions where we all meet online in Elluminate. Students and teachers have the ability to talk (using mic and headphone) as well as a chat box in Elluminate but this is so quick and simple if we needed a check for understanding or tutoring session.
I also watched the tutorial on Poll Everywhere and signed up for an account. I created a sample "getting to know you" poll but I'm not sure this would work in my virtual classes. We have discussions boards where students enter this information and they don't have to be online at the same time. Lots of interesting information, though.

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