Saturday, July 14, 2012

Tool #3

YouTube has many videos that are helpful in math classes. I also have used videos from Khan Academy in some of my courses as well as Mathematics Animated. I could not log onto Discovery Education to search their videos because I don't have the user name and password.

After I teach my students how to sing the quadratic formula, I can use this video to help them practice and sing along with me.

This is a video from Khan Academy - quite a nice lesson a maximum and minimum values

I think the videos on copyright laws and fair use policies were hard to follow and a bit confusing to me. I don't think they really told me what I could and could not use of a copyrighted work. If I decide to use a clip or quote from a copyrighted work, I will have to do more research on that topic.

I have created a drop box account on both my home and school computer as well as my iPhone and iPad. This is a tremendous tool I was not aware of. Now I can create and access files from any of these locations and while I am out visiting schools. I have added just a few files for practice but I can see that this has great potential for me. I plan on creating a personal account as well!

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  1. Have you looked at They have Algebra, Geometry, and even calculus. Excellent tools.