Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Tool #11

First I need to point out that the "21st Century Skills Self Assessment -11 Tools" was not in my assessment folder in Atomic Learning. There was one assessment called "T3 Teacher Tech Skills Assessment" that was unable to load. I found an assessment link under the "21st Century Skills" tab but it was not a link to the assessment - it was just discussing the assessment. It is a little frustrating when I follow the directions and can't get to the assignment.

1. Even though I've had a personal iPad since Christmas, I have not used it for teaching. I believe the Educreations app will be a great help in my virtual classes. The forms option in Google Docs will also be very helpful and I may use it for quizzes. I plan to review the Google Docs tutorials in Atomic Learning.
2. I teach virtual classes so my "classroom" won't change much but I'll be able to add or improve the assignments in the courses using some of the information from this course. I'm only going to have one iPad but I will use it to work with SBISD students at their home campuses.
3. I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of good information available in blogs and I plan to search for blogs from virtual math teachers. I was also surprised at the availability (free) of apps and programs that will allow me to create documents in one location and access them from other locations and/or equipment. I've (re)learned how important it is to give very specific directions in online courses and to check the courses periodically to be sure that the links are not broken or that the directions have not changed (see 1st paragraph above).



  1. Call me if you are having a hard time finding the test. That is required before you can get credit for the course. After you get to 21st Century you then click on Assesments and it is under that link. Email me if you have a problem.