Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Tool #10

I click on the "iSafe" link, clicked "forgot password" and entered my school email. I was told that my email was not recognized and I needed to register. I would like to see the information in this link but the instructions in 11 tools don't work.

In all virtual classes, students are required to complete an orientation module which includes the SBISD acceptable use policies, copyright and privacy policies, and information on the Child Internet Protection Act. It also includes information on iNACOL standards and netiquette. We ask that all students attend an synchronous discussion prior to beginning class in which we discuss some of these same topics.

In the orientation, there is a student as well as parent survey. Parents are allowed access to the orientation material upon request.

I really liked the idea in Vicki Davis' blog that we not just start with a website but show the students how we googled the topic and looked through numerous websites to determine which was reliable. Telling our students how we made that decision models appropriate research for them.

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  1. There are some great videos as well as info for high school students and digital citizenship from the government on ftc websites.