Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Tool #1

This was a fairly easy process and creating the Voki was fun. I teach in the Virtual High School and we use something similar to blogs in every course. It's a good tool for me to know and can easily be added to my classes. Thanks for taking your time to show us all how to get started. I'm looking forward to learning about all of the tools but am a little apprehensive since I've heard it took other teachers many, many more hours than expected.

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  1. Please do not worry. I will make a point of having face to face meetings. I have found that if a group of teachers will work together, they can help each other to finish quickly. It is mainly tools through #6 that take a bit of time. However, after 6 it can easily be completed in 3 hours or so. After 6 it is almost all just post, post, post. It takes a bit of thinking but . . . There again, in those last posts if you are working with your team the planning that you do can be extremely productive. I am going to talk about that more about that this afternoon. So, hold on. I think it will be less agravating after this afternoon. See you soon.